When we started this little bag shop back in 1999, we had an idea to sell the handbags and luggage we loved in a shop just down the road. We had hoped that if a gorgeous bag made our eyes light up, then maybe there might be others out there who got themselves giddy smelling exquisite Italian leather bags or who’s heart skipped a beat seeing a little well placed sparkle or glitz too.

Needless to say, birds of a feather flock together... and we now have a ‘gaggle’ of ladies, who like us, love to spend a little time looking at beautiful things that make their heart rate rise!

Over the years (more than 20 of them!!) we have evolved, we’ve added more ranges and products and ‘pretty things’ to our store – footwear, clothing, fashion accessories, giftware, beauty and bathroom products, sleepwear, evening bags and fascinators, local artisans, international brands & things that smell amazing! We’ve changed it up a few times, painted the walls, changed the layout and cleared some space in front of our giant mirrors. We got rid of a few things too – mens wallets didn’t really fit the vibe here any more, sorry lads.


Funny thing is, the most important things have stayed the same. Some of our suppliers have been with us for over 20 years! Some are old and treasured, some are new and exciting and some are just perfectly in the middle. We’ve always done our best to develop a long term relationship with our suppliers to keep bringing you the brands you love, as they evolve too.

Our AMAZING Ladies – some of you have been with us since that opening day. What a treasure to still see so many familiar faces, and now to be introduced to your families as the evolution continues through the next generation. Some of you have changed as well, we don’t seem to get as many requests for purple leather handbags as we used to! And to be here long enough to create and meet our new customers who we hope will stay with us as long as our originals. That wonderful feeling of knowing your customers and them knowing you, well, that hasn’t changed either.

We guess, what started with finding things we loved, to share with our customers in the hopes they would love them too, hasn't really changed at all.  It's still our shiny-magpie-eyed pleasure to keep finding lovely smelling, sparkly sometimes, beautiful always, things we will love to showcase for you - our ladies!


So if you're new here, we're pleased to meet you, or if you're a regular, you know we love you and we hope you love some of the same things we do.  Happy shopping and enjoying 5 minutes to yourself!


The Ladies @ The Port Boutique x