Ashleigh & Burwood

Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp Small - Coral


The Ashleigh & Burwood Fragrance Lamp is the ultimate product to refresh the home. The ornamental, hand-crafted fragrance lamps utilise a century-old catalytic combustion technique that filters airborne odour-causing molecules. In addition the fragrance contained within the fragrance lamp is emitted to gently scent the room.

This gorgeous colourful collection of uplifting scents brings a burst of positive energy into the home.   A floral theme runs throughout Life In Bloom’s fragrances, evoking the fresh essence of springtime all year round. Complementing the scents, are a palette of vibrant shades and real gypsophila flower stems decorating the Reed Diffusers to brighten the home with colour and floral detail.

Coral: This Life In Bloom fragrance lamp features a handcrafted mosaic in warm, glimmering shades of coral glass. Topped with a sleek gold crown.

Material: Glass Mosaic

Colours: Coral

* Fragrance Lamp ONLY, fragrance oil refills need to be purchased separately.


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