Collonil 1909 Leather Lotion 100ml


With over 100 years’ experience in the art of leather maintenance, Collonil has become the industry go-to for taking care of your favourite shoes. They know their leathers, suedes and synthetics inside and out. Their range of products are designed to help maintain your leather treasures in prime condition.

Although some formulas are made for all materials, it’s important that light textiles – including bags, footwear and belts – are cleaned and protected with a formula specifically made just for them. 

1909 Leather Lotion: High quality leather lotion enriched with aloe and precious oils works as a conditioner for leather. It revives the look of dull leather and cares for all smooth leathers. It protects leather from drying out and keeps it soft and supple. Ideal for quality leather wallets, purses and handbags.

  • Maintains and regenerates smooth leather
  • Protects the material from moisture loss with aloe vera and valuable oils
  • The leather remains soft and supple
  • Classic from the exclusive 1909 nursing series

The 1909 Leather Lotion is a particularly high quality care lotion from the exclusive Collonil 1909 series and is enriched with Aloe Vera and valuable oils. It nourishes and regenerates high-quality smooth leather and protects the material against loss of moisture at the same time. Every shoe treated remains especially soft and smooth thanks to the special combination of high-quality ingredients. 

Tips for Best Usage: Squeeze the lotion onto a soft polishing cloth. Apply lotion evenly to shoes, allow to dry and buff. Allow to dry naturally and reapply if required.

Best used on: Shoes, Clothing & Bags

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