Danielle Creations

Danielle Creations Eyelash Curler - Leopard Print


Danielle Creations are the brand behind all those bathroom accessories we love to have - fun, functional and beautiful to boot!  They have created high quality accessories that range from mirrors to manicure sets, from hair brushes to make ups brushes.  If there is something you need for your beauty routine, most likely Danielle Creations will have it.  

Eyelash Curler:  Create a lasting curl for noticeable lashes with this eyelash curler. For best results, squeeze tightly and carefully over clean, dry and mascara-free lashes for approximately 10 seconds and release.  

  • Controlled comfort handles
  • Pinch resistant
  • Includes 2 refill pads
  • Always apply mascara after using the eyelash curler to prevent lash damage

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