Eco Chic

Eco Chic Face Mask Filters - 5 Pack


Eco Chic have created a comfortable, durable face cover which helps to keep you safe and reduces the need for disposable masks.  To increase the protection of your Eco Chic face cover, include a removable filter inside:

  • Made of activated carbon and non-woven melt-blown filter cloth
  • This product has a five layer filter system to protect you from PM 2.5 and a range of particles in the air.
  • Fabric: 40% Non-woven Fabric, 40% Melt-blown Fabric and 20% Activated Carbon
  • Each pack contains: 5 x PM 2.5 filters to fit inside Eco Chic face covers

Face covers provide a barrier to droplet exposure and offer some protection.  They add an extra layer to our basic health standards, but please remember the basics: Wash your hands often, use sanitiser when necessary, cough and sneeze into your elbow and if you're feeling unwell, stay at home.

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