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EC Foldaway Shopper - Blue Poppies


Eco Chic have made a name for themselves in the sustainable living environment. Their mission at the core of what they do is ' to create simple, reusable and hard-wearing accessories that work for you and have the planet in mind. We can get in behind that!

Hands up who has been half way round the supermarket doing their grocery shopping and remembered they don't have a shopping bag?... hmm, all of us?!! These Eco Chic Foldaway Shoppers are an ideal solution to make sure you're never caught without a bag again.

When not being used, these shopper bags fold easily into a small storage pouch, perfect for storing in a handbag or pocket.  These little bags are sturdy too - so if you forget all others bags but need to get that week's supply in one bag, they'll carry up to 15kg!  

Made from durable environmentally friendly materials, these shopping bags are sustainable, reusable and practical alternatives to plastic carrier bags. 

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