HipsSister Global Waistband - Carbon


You’re doing 1000 things at once, you only have one set of hands, things still need to be carried and we have the easiest way to do it!  Blend fashion and functionality with the HipsSister Waistbands with zip pockets. 

Features: Travel with all of your essentials in a safe and fashionable way! Ideal for your passport. Keep your essentials safely by your side with fashion and flare. Bring your hipS-sister with you wherever you go. The grocery store, theatre, shopping mall, fishing, hiking, biking, rollerblading, walking, jogging, paddle boarding, amusement park, gym, outdoor events, concerts and let’s not forget vacation. Feel confident that your iPod, phone, money, credit cards, ID, lip-gloss, etc…are where they should be: around your waist. Enjoy hands-on living in comfort and style. Live Life Hands Free.

Materials:  90% Micropoly, 10% Lycra, moisture wicking fabric


A - Small/Medium, pants size 6 - 10

B - Medium/Large, pants size 12 - 16

C - X Large, pants size 16 - 20

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