Humidity Pilling Comb


The Humidity Lifestyle brand was born of a desire to create styles not for one occasion or destination, but many.  Work, every day, travel and holiday pieces we would reach for over and over, that would eventually wear out before we had the chance to throw them out. Relaxed, on trend fashion we could mix and match to most of our lifestyle choices sprinkled with a touch of “holiday essence”.

Humidity caters for a variety of ages, body shapes, climates and seasons- designed for the young and young at heart.   Their garments are designed to make you feel and look your very best every day and on holiday,  year in year out!

Pilling Comb: The little balls of fluff that appear on your knitwear overtime are referred to as pilling.  Garments made of natural fibres like wool and cashmere can pill as easily as an acrylic fibre.  That’s why pilling is not a sign of poor quality, it is the natural reaction and friction of synthetic or natural fibres rubbing during wear.

Remember a piece of knitwear is not like a pair of jeans, the fibres are much more delicate.  Use a delicate motion to comb through and remove pilling and excess 'fluff'.  For best results use a pilling comb as a garment starts to pill and continue 'little and often' to stay on top of fabric care.

Please Note: Some knits you cannot use a pilling comb or razor as they will damage the garment - always refer to the care and composition label before treating

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