Nawrap Organic Cotton Face Mask 2pk + FREE 5 Inserts

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The history of Nawrap is an interesting one.  Founded as the Maruyama Fiber Industry Co. Ltd in Nara, Japan in 1930, the company originally produced mosquito nets.  They were woven from organic cotton and hemp fabrics. While mosquito nets don't have the same demand they once did, the weaving techniques and materials do.

That traditional mosquito net fabric has since been adapted using traditional weaving technologies, into a line of multipurpose eco cloths. This absorbent, quick-drying fabric is perfect for the home, face and body. It is high quality, durable and soft. Nawrap have created beautiful products for your face, body, bathroom and kitchen using the perfect blend of tradition and evolution.

Features: Each Pack contains 2 x Nawrap Binchotan infused organic cotton face masks and receive + FREE 5 Nawrap Binchotan Mask Inserts. 

These masks can be used for general purpose with soft ties to go behind the ears.  Made using Nawrap's traditional weaving techniques and infused with Japanese Binchotan charcoal.  Each mask is 6 Layers of Organic Cotton and Rayon Charcoal, Inserts are 6 Layers of Rayon and Cotton.  Place insert inside the mask to extend the life of the mask.   

Materials:  Mask: 83% Organic Cotton, 17% Rayon Charcoal (6 Layers)

Inserts: 82% Rayon, 18% Cotton (6 Layers)

Size: Mask: H 17cm x W 13cm and Inserts: H 17cm x W 11cm

Before First Use: Soak the mask and inserts in boiling water for 5mins to sterilise and soften (They may shrink slightly).  After boiling, lay flat to air dry.  Once the mask has dried, tie ear strap ends together and adjust for comfort/size.   Inserts can placed on the interior of the mask.

Care Instructions: The mask & insert are machine washable, but size will slightly change after the wash.  Preferred washing method is by hand with a small amount of detergent. Avoid contact with bleach. Do not tumble dry.

Made in Japan

** SALE ITEMS ARE FINAL - Please choose your sale items carefully, there no returns, exchanges or credits on sale items ** 


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