Tamara London

Tamara London Bambino - Black


Do you ever have the feeling that you'd just like a footwear brand that knows what you like in shoes, before you do?  That you're not quite sure what you're looking for, but when you see it, you'll know?  You'll love it?  Tamara London make us feel exactly that way!  They meticulously create the shoes we never knew we needed - till we do.

Crafted from beautiful materials with exquisite finishing and hardware details, their footwear ranges are the complete package.  Oh, and comfort... did I mention, they look incredible AND they're comfortable.  You're welcome.

Tamara London Bambino:  Hands up who loves a classic loafer look?  Well, the Bambino isn't exactly your 'classic' loafer, it's better!  Featuring a beautiful sole unit with contrast leather rand, a mix of embossed croco print leather and a smooth lush leather finish. Embellished with a gold chain across the front and a slightly sharpened toe shape, these loafers are classic given a boost!  

Heel Height: 5.5cm 

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