The Artists Label Scarf - Plava

The Artists Label Scarf - Plava

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The Artists Label offers beautiful scarves designed by international artists on the highest quality fabrics. All their scarves are limited editions and come with gift packaging, the perfect gift.

Materials: The Fabric is Viscose and Modal blended to create the softest scarf you will ever wear. The material is a 100% natural fibre sourced from different woods so it is breathable and warm yet will not overheat.

Dimensions: W 70cm x L 200cm

Artist: Ana Nesimovski, Belgrade.

Plava: Gathering clouds come and go, rain, sun and vibrant bow. Dainty petals, fancy flair, dancing in the warm, sweet air. Cherries flower, purest white, graceful gentle, welcome sight. Thank you, oh sweet spring, patiently waiting the arms you bring!